1) Do you have wheelchairs?

Yes. Wheelchairs are complimentary and Mobility Scooter Stores(motorized wheelchairs) are available for a nominal fee. Complimentary wheelchairs are located at the Information Booth at the Celebration Entrance.

2) Do you have strollers?

Yes, we offer strollers at the same location as the wheelchairs, but the information booth at the celebration entrance.

3) Where can I get the Festival Voucher?

Festival Vouchers are sent via email, to be sure to receive it on a weekly basis please subscribe to our Newsletter. 

If you are visiting from out of town, please go to our main information booth at the Celebration entrance they will be able to help you.

4) Where is the Information Booth located?

Festival Marketplace has 3 information booth. 

    - West End Information Booth: On Parade by the Barbershop at the West End.

    - Main Information Booth: On Celebration St. by the entrance. 

    - East End Information Booth: Right by Revo, across from Hillsboro Antique Mall

5) Where is the lost and found?

Please report any lost or found items to the Information Booths or to any of our security officers.  

Lost and Found items are held in management office located adjacent to the Security booth at the celebration entrance. 

6) Are pets allowed?

Yes, Festival Marketplace is a pet friendly mall.

7) Does Festival Marketplace have Wi-Fi?

Festival Marketplace has free Wi-Fi throughout the mall. Select "A Great Day at Festival" on your Wi-Fi enabled device’s setting in order to get access. If you are still having difficulty connecting, contact our Wi-Fi HelpDesk at helpdesk@shopfestival.com.